As it is Thanksgiving in the U.S today and families and friends are gathering to eat the weight in Turkey or Tofurkey, we thought we’d take a look back at 2017 and try to think of what we are thankful for and what we liked in our blogging adventure. Advertisements

Who are we?

Climbing Moss is almost two years old, can you believe it? In that time we have switched from WordPress to Blogger and back again, because we wanted more control  and then we wanted more adaptability to the look and so we brought it all back. We have reviewed, ranted and rambled on about everything from … More Who are we?

Coming Soon

Over the past year Climbing Moss has grown, as we are slowly getting the hang of all things blog related. In 2017 we will be updating and expanding more. Read on to find out what we have planned.

HIS: Daily Regime (Including make-up tips for the girls!)

HIS: Daily Regime (Including make-up tips for the girls!) We all have our daily regime, whether it’s simply to brush our teeth and throw some water over our face, before leaving the house, or whether it’s make-up, moisturisers, cleanse, tones, polish and the whole works. So we thought we’d share our daily (and other product … More HIS: Daily Regime (Including make-up tips for the girls!)